Nintendo's New President
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Posted 9/14/15
Who would you like to see? So it seems Nintendo is going to have a one day leadership trial which I was reading about on Wii U daily. I personally think Reggie should be given an opportunity to be President. But they are probably going to only overview and assess potential Japanese candidates. Which is a shame. Because I think the C.E.O of America has the power to relate to people! And he's not afraid to go unprofessional in a setting of kids because as a leader in a suit it is actually unprofessional to cuss like how he says,"Im about kicking ass. But he does it because people like it. They want leaders with a shining personality. I think Reggie has the power to fire up Nintendo Directs and make them funnier then when they were not really funny and cooler! Because he's from America a multicultural country he should be able to reach and earn the respect of many countries! Except the countries that hate America. Pushing that aside, I also think it would be funny if Reggie did resume controll and make announcement that Nintendo is an American owned company lol! But thats probably why they would be seeking only Japanese candidates. I also think having shimishisa or however u spell it is a good choice being a former banker he can get Nintendo on the right track financially a leader with a background like him would mostlikely end the Wii U sometime during the middle of next year he wouldn't want to do it right away while so many fans are expecting strong titles like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Pokken Tournament.
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Posted 9/14/15 , edited 9/14/15
I don't know how many of NOA's blunders are actually Reggie's fault, but given NoA's track record of annoying decisions (Like their stubbornness at bringing over Xenoblade Chronicles, small N3DS, etc.) I don't see why we would want the whole business run the way the American branch does. It's like they play it TOO safe.

Also, even if Reggie did somehow become president, it would NOT cause Nintendo to become an American owned company.

Edit: nevermind, this thread is irrelevant.
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Posted 1/15/17
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