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Posted 9/14/15 , edited 9/15/15
So for a while now I have had some ideas about new features I wanted to add that I couldn't do with just a client-based extension and wasn't quite ready to take the plunge and create my own server code for all the things I wanted to do. I decided it was time and have started to do just that. You can find the site it will be hosted on here: (domain subject to change), though there isn't anything there at the moment aside from a link to install the extension.

The only difference so far is that the thread update checking now goes through my server instead of being on a client computer, but I plan on adding a bunch more when I get the time / feel like working on it.

Things on the future to-do list:
  • Some kind of chat room implementation, both public and private
  • Synchronized viewing where you can invite your friends to watch an episode together with you (provided they can watch it normally) with the episodes being perfectly in sync

Kinda short, I know, but they are both pretty big things that might take me a little while. I am definitely open to suggestions though so if you have anything that falls into this wider scope, let me know here.

In the short term I will be working on completely moving as much network related things to the server and maybe actually make a webpage or something. I am currently using a free service to host the server while developing, but if it can't handle a bunch of people using it then I will try to find something else. Also I will be changing both the server and client code pretty often when I work on it so there may be times where something stops working. Just let me know either in one of these threads or pm me.

I am keeping the old version around for now so that people don't have to deal with it possibly not working right. I'll merge this one into the main branch once I get everything up and running. The next thing on my to-do list is to make it possible to import data from the other version into this one. I should have that ready in the next couple days.

Let me know what you think.

Link to the new extension
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