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Public Defenders (video included)
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Posted 9/15/15 , edited 9/15/15

AirMarshall wrote:

That's what happens in the US... they throw the book at you. If you are involved in a self-defense situation, even if you apprehend the person attacking you, or breaking into your house, and they live, they will bring your butt to civil court and bleed you dry. That's why (I know this is really morbid) but if you are involved in a self-defense situation and you are using a lethal weapon, don't try to injure the assailant, you know what you have to do...

You'd better do it in one shot and have proof that you've done a lot of training with that weapon. You're still probably going to court if you cause someone to die, and circumstantial evidence can be used to figure out your intent. Survivors, like family, can still bring a case against you on behalf of their deceased.

The best way is to kill them in a clean way and dispose of the body carefully somewhere very remote and far away....but if you're found out in that situation (though the chances are slim), you're likely going to be charged with something.

The thing about self-defense is that a mere break-in does not necessarily threaten your well being. You sort of need to show the court that you had a situation in which it was reasonable to use such force. If the other guy was carrying a weapon and/or if there were many people seemingly in collaboration, etc.
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Posted 1/26/17
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