LINE app?
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Posted 9/16/15 , edited 9/16/15
I'm kinda nuts for Shiraishi Ryoko's work... or at least, that's where this all started.

On Twitter, she mentioned making stickers* for the LINE app along with Nonaka Ai. But as far as I can tell, they're only usable/available through LINE. So I read up on it, downloaded it... and I really like the feel of it**. It seems like a pretty good contender for the next-gen all-in-one-spot mobile communications/messaging app.

The thing is, I was wondering... has anyone outside of Asia heard of LINE ( yet, let alone used it?

* - They're like emoji, but FAR more expressive. And in this case, absolutely adorable. (

** - At least the iOS version, that is. People seem to really like the other mobile versions, but I can't vouch for them... and I wouldn't recommend the Mac version.
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Posted 9/17/15
I use it for limited purposes,but I'm a simple text kind of gal, and don't like the stickers. Especially since LINE keeps spamming me about them.
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Posted 9/17/15
LINE has never been a big thing for me outside Japan because over there it's a big social network thing like Facebook everyone and his mother uses it and you find out a lot of stuff that is happening. It's very Asian and overly cute I guess not for everyone and not something I use elsewhere since in the West other apps are more popular
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Posted 9/17/15 , edited 9/17/15
Line is to Japan, like KakaoTalk/Story is to Korea

neither of them will ever be really big outside Japan or Korea

we already have Kik, Whatsapp, Voxer, Snapchat, Skype Mobile, and Messenger

The only hope I see for an Asian messaging app is KakaoTalk because of its free international calling through internet
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Posted 1/23/17 , edited 1/23/17
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