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Posted 9/17/15 , edited 9/30/15
Well, Summer is winding down and new shows will be coming soon, so I have added polls and suggestions for all the last set of new shows and incorporated them into all 947 of the group pages, (and unfortunately had to remove the ones CR didn't renew).

I have also added two more new functions this update along with all the other the information and links provided:

The first addition is a new "Spotlight" link.

A lot of shows have had CR Newsletter articles written about them, so now there is a link for each of those (that exist) above the picture, just after the rating. But be careful visiting those if you are worried about spoilers; typically those reviews are written to hype a show and not give too much away, but still be informative about the show, somewhat like an extended review.

There isn't any special formatting to make it stand out, because I'm running out of room with the 65535 character limit per page. All that BB code takes up a lot of characters per show, and that adds up in a hurry. I already had to split the letter "S" into two pages this time...

The second addition is a set of new tags for the series that have multiple show pages. I have simply added a fifth column in the tags section of the index page to keep them as a separate list:

They will also appear as just another tag by the shows where they are needed:

Hope these are useful to you in some way, happy browsing.
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Posted 9/18/15 , edited 9/18/15
These are marvelous changes. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and diligence. The multi-page show feature is one I'm going to have to keep in mind. Spotlight is a nice touch.
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Posted 9/21/15 , edited 9/21/15
Thank you for this. I also think that the spotlight was a good idea.
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