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If you meet the Buddha:
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Posted 9/20/15

Sir_jamesalot wrote:

I don't like that phrase.
It assumes the future generations will have the same mind set to make the same mistakes of previous generations.
And the phrase "history repeats" implies that even if people know what's going to happen they'd still make the same mistakes and wouldn't benefit from learning better.

It's certainly not an optimistic view point, I will concede that much, but I've seen the theory in action. The following example is a real family:

Woman A marries young, under the age of twenty, and this is not unusual for her rural location and time period. However, after having two children, she and her husband divorce.

Woman B is woman A's daughter from the above noted marriage. However, she too has a child before her twentieth birthday.

Woman C is woman A's second daughter from a different relationship. One would think that with modern contraceptives and sex education that she will not fall prey to the same problems as her mother and grandmother, and yet she too has a child before her twentieth birthday.

The current generation is Woman C's pre-teen son, and it wouldn't surprise me if he had an unplanned child before the age of twenty. I really hope that he won't, but I can't rely on medical advances or warnings from parents to prevent this.

It should be noted that Woman B's other two children are adults and did not follow the same path, however, one was barren and the other wasn't physically attractive during her teenage years. Advances in medicine and education did not prevent this pattern from repeating, but I think, that if the current generation were to look at this family history objectively and to learn from it that way because there is no way he is going to listen to his parents/guardians. I believe that people can break the cycle, but I don't think that the passage of time or advancement of the human mind has any effect in this case.
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Posted 5/24/16
Selfie with Budda, whos the boss
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Posted 5/25/16
dumb choices, if i met the Buddha i would talk to him, philosophy, wisdom, insight. but out of those options... check for spiders.
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Posted 8/15/16
I'd like to meditate with him maybe have a one on one conversation
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 5/6/17
OP Nuked. Locked.
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