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Why doesn't Houston have anything Anime related?
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28 / Norway
Posted 9/18/15 , edited 9/18/15
Only "Japanese" things in my town is those shops that sell anything from Arabic spices to South Korean noodles.

Most of the stuff I've got, I bought online or in Japan.
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14 / F / California
Posted 9/18/15 , edited 9/19/15

arqnohikari wrote:

Seriously though? Why?

Exclude Anime Matsuri and the annual Japan Fest,(which I've never been to)
we literally have nothing anime or Japan related here.
No anime/manga cafes, maid cafes, shops. nothing. Pretty boring.

any ideas why this is?

Dude, you have a fucking 99 Ranch in Houston.

Nippan Daido USA Inc

fit - Japanese Household Products Store

H Mart

99 Ranch Market

Jusgo Supermarket

Japan Pearl Market

Asian Grocers

Hong Kong Food Market

Yun Loy Asian Market

Insomnia Video Game Culture & Vinyl Toys

Moshi Moshi

Posted 9/18/15 , edited 9/19/15
There is only one store in the entire state of Arizona that's dedicated to Japanese media and they are located in a ghetto mall.
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28 / F / Overlord's Castle
Posted 9/18/15 , edited 9/19/15
my grocery store got pocky in stock now.....does that count?
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21 / M / Bundaberg, Queens...
Posted 9/18/15 , edited 9/19/15
My town has nothing Anime related well it has box sets for $100-200 per season!!!!

I would rather use crunchyroll and other sites and for shows that i can't get seriously i'm all for buying anime and manga like manga was $5 where i lived before the store got wiped out in the floods but $100-$200 for a season of an anime and i go through 10-20 seasons of anime in a month.

Yeah...i'm not that rich nor do i believe one season is worth $200 spent atleast $1000 on bleach before i went...screw this.

I guess im breaking the law but i always try to get anime legally first but $200... that's highway robbery!
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Posted 9/18/15 , edited 9/19/15
I'm guessing I'm one of the lucky ones. Since I live in California, there are plenty of stores and food places carrying Asian goods including Japanese/anime stores/restaurants here. While I have to do some driving to some locations (yay, traffic), there are a couple of Japanese grocery stores and a Kinokuniya nearby where I live.

The reason for that is that California (14.4%) has a larger Asian population than Texas (4.5%).
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20 / M / Palm Coast, Florida
Posted 9/18/15 , edited 9/19/15
there's nothing anime related in Florida either
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Posted 9/19/15 , edited 9/20/15
Japan fest was fucking boring. You're not missing anything.

As with the lack of events here, well, let's say it's due to location and timing.
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