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Programmer-Create floors, and keep everyone active

Why should I give it to you-
How will you help-
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Name: Chip
Expirence: co-leader on darkness of ochea
Why you should give it to me: I'm on a lot, and am very enthusiastic about this. I'm quite creative and generally love trapped in a videogame settings
How I will help: I can help think of events/floors and will always try to have interesting stuff happen.
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I knew you'd apply approved

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Name - Luna, but my real name is Penelope

My Activity - I'm on crunchyroll all the time, like everyday. So I will most likely be here all the time.

Experience - I have been a moderator for an old group called music mania and I have also been a moderator of the nothing to do club in my Old account. But I do totally have much experience with being supportive and doing gfx support banners + inviting and drawing in people to the group.

Why You should give it to me - I would like this job because RP groups hold a close place in my heart and entertainment, so I would like to bring that same entertainment to other people for their pleasurable enjoyment. Also SAO is like one of my most favorite animes and I can draw in people who are fans of rping and that anime here as well.

How Can I be helpful - I'm good at graphics, GFX edits, role playing, bbcoding, and being optimistic and nice to people. I can keep the forums clean and make sure the group is active + making sure people uphold the rules
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Approved, also make sure not to mention SAO as a good anime around Chip
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Name- Hikari

Exp.- I'm a moderator in quite a few groups and starting up an RP group that I'm the creator of, and I've been RPing for quite a while now

Why should I give it to you- I'm active here, I like this group, I'm experienced in RP, plus I'm a mod in Darkness of Ochea and Chat so why not? (And because I'm your friend and you like me? :3)

How will you help- I'll keep the group active and the RP going, give tips to newbies, make sure everything runs smoothly, that rules are followed, the forums are kept clean, and that everyone has an enjoyable time. Plus more!
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