So few endings in WA2 Coda?
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Posted 9/19/15 , edited 9/19/15
I have checked out the first 24 routes in this VN and there are 3 ending + 1 that isn't available. This is the first 4 answers as 1 and the rest is complete (24 because there are some that has 9 possibilities whereas the rest only had 8).

So, the question is, why only 3 available endings out of 24 possibilities? Is there something wrong with my version (1.0.0) or have Leaf just put in too many possibilities? After you have finished the first few routes this game becomes totally uninteresting. I'll continue to check. The total of possibilities are 384 - unavailable routes (6 among the first 24).
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Posted 1/23/17 , edited 1/24/17
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