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Biracial Children
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36 / M / Houston, Texas
Posted 9/19/15
My mom didn't want me dating Hispanic girls and most the
girls dads didn't want them dating me too... Sad people... In
the end most the girls I've dated ended up being from other
races my mom finally gave in and said as long as you are
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Posted 9/19/15 , edited 9/19/15
Is there a term for those who insist you must mix ?
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Posted 9/19/15
Well idk, I'm against racism when it involves actually limiting the freedom of others in an illegal way.

But I really think neo-Nazis and n. Koreans and whoever else is against interracial couples should be given a little credit. I'm not saying it's a good thing at all, but you have to have some empathy for their views.

So, if let's say the whole world was forced to marry someone from a different race, how would you feel?

Races are sometimes tied to countries, like what if Japan was suddenly all half-Caucasian and what if Europe was all half-black? Would Asia still be Asia? And would Europe still be Europe?

America is a different story because we're supposed to be a country that was founded on cultural differences. But I guess some might argue the Europeans found America.

Anyway, there are running jokes about Italian restaurants being fake because "Mexicans" are cooking in the kitchen. And would you consider a Japanese restaurant authentic if the chefs weren't Japanese??

I mean, you're probably going to reply with "nah the race doesn't matter as long as they were trained!" but I'm sure irl you'd choose differently.

Let's bring in an example that hits closer to home. Lots of you like subs because the Japanese VAs have more passion etc. Would you choose to watch an anime that's in Japanese, but is voiced by Caucasian actors versus Japanese actors?

So you have to understand, the neo-nazis aren't trying to be racist, they just want to preserve cultures. Idk how you'd feel when 100 years from now, Norway is half-Korean and the history books say: "Norway was once a country of Caucasians". Idk.

Posted 9/19/15
I'm a biracial child myself and I don't see anything wrong with that. Why should race stop two people from loving each other?
Posted 9/20/15
Well everyone has their own opinion. I'm a mother to a biracial child. White/Black. An as for StrayedRabbit saying about higher chances of birth defects. Idk if it's true that just because two people from two different races have a high chance of issues during a pregnancy or child development after child is born, but they are some things that run with races. My son has a ganglion cyst he started to develop when he was 18 months old (1 1/2 years old). He's currently 31 months old (2 1/2 years old) now and still has it, much bigger now. According to a cyst specialist he's got one bigger than you'd usually see on a child his age. Well after seeing that specialist I found out that these type of cyst are common but more common in Africans. One other thing my son is in the process of being tested for ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder. A Speech Disability. Again something that common, more common in males than females, but I had found out from his grandma on his dads side that it kinda runs in their family and can be genetic. My pregnancy was a very healthy pregnancy who was marked "at risk" because I was 16 when I got pregnant, 17 when he was born.
Posted 9/20/15
I just loved the story of the hardcore Neo-Nazi...

...who found out his great-grandmother was black.

Family is so beautiful *cries*
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Posted 3/15/16
Closed because OP nuked
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