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Post Reply My weird habit for anime
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Posted 10/1/15
I have the exact same problem. Remember Punch-Line? I haven't seen the last two episodes of that... and I was watching it every week until the second-to-last episode. I don't know why, but I sometimes just can't find a desire to finish the series. It normally happens because I don't want to witness the sadness of what's going to happen at the end. Someone is going to be sad, friendships are gonna be broken and it drives me off. One day, I'll watch it.
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Posted 10/2/15
I have sort of the same problem sometimes, but mine can occur anywhere in the season not just the end, for me it is more about momentum than hype or liking a show. For example if I watch a show of questionable quality but watch it every week and don't stall hardly at all I am more likely to finish it than if I watch a show, really enjoy it but stall for more than 2-3 weeks. It will likely get stalled more as I move along maybe even for years.... In recent times mushishi has been the best example, I really enjoy the show but can only handle 1 episode at a time, causing very poor momentum and even though I really enjoy the show I still have not finished it because of massive stalling. Honestly I just sort of forgot about it, now that I have remember about it again I sort of want to watch it..... but more than likely it will be 1 episode and a stall again....
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