Backstory on World (As Discussed by Mods)
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Posted 9/19/15 , edited 9/19/15
The world, known as Veialle, was once prosperous; filled with humans and mystical being of all sort. Veialle survived on a substance known as essence, the source of life and energy. But as technology improved, humans found ways to use essence for their own purposes. Essence hunters, as they were called, found sources of essence and drained them, destroying life on Veialle. When essence became almost impossible to find, the economy crashed, and society itself collapsed. For a few years everything was in chaos; and from the ashes of that chaos, small societies were formed. These different societies did not speak or interact with each other, and they had very different accessibility to technology and knowledge from the old world. Each one has completely different rules, morals, religions, societal norms, and manners than the others.

That is how the world is now: broken and drained of life, with humanity shattered into tiny pieces.
Posted 9/24/15
I like it, as for pages we can't, Like we really can't we don't have enough power to.
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Posted 9/26/15
I created the page
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