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Know any good RPGs?
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Posted 9/25/15
Rpgs can and will take up a lot of your free time, but go ahead and check out Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2 and a bunch of rpgs shown here:
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Posted 10/27/15

RedWhiteNBeard wrote:

Im surprised on an anime site no one suggested agarest (its okay) and legendary heroes. Ive only played legendary heroes: trails in the sky and it was really fun and a lot of content. The only complaint is there are some secrets that are time aensitive so a guide at times would be useful for that. It also has an movie or show with it thats pretty cool too
Theyre both on pc agarest is on the 360 and legendary heroes is on psp as well.

A few more are teranigma, the secret of mana series, secret of evermore. Ill add more when i can think of it
The tales of symphonia on the SNES is awesome and has either a 12 or 25 episode series that wasnt bad either

terranigma was fun, played it and liked it, but after a certain point I just lost interest... I believe because it wasn´t clear what i ahd to do next...

What is secret of evermore? Sounds like another fantasy rpg, but I love those? Is it good? More importantly, is it old and on a platform my GPD handhelds can emulate (snes, psx, megadrive, ds, psp, n64, dos, amiga, msx, dreamcast, ...) so I Can take it with me :D

Tough for now, I am playing tales of destiny on the "playstation" and loving it (played phantasia on "playstation" in summer break, also great Will play tales of eternia on same platform when finished with destiny. ALso playing zestiria on pc :D)

And I am playing sakura wars: so long my love on PC (IE ps2 emulator) also. GREAT GAME!
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Posted 10/30/15 , edited 10/30/15
LoH: Trails in the Sky Second chapter is out (for steam, Vita and PSP)!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted 1/15/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads locked
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