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Posted 10/23/15 , edited 10/23/15
Reacon Hurst
Status: Nostalgic
Currently: With Lianna
Reacon matched her pace, though he walked slightly faster as she told him that he did not have to wait for her; he wasn't sure why he did in the first place. Neither agreeing nor disagreeing to the race, Lianna raced off before he could answer.

This spurred his competitive spirit. The slight tinge of nostalgia hit him as he quickened his pace into a run.

"Come on, I'll race you." Reacon would say to his brother, back when he was twelve. His brother would whine and say, "But you always win."
"No, I don't." He'd argue, despite knowing that he always did. "Maybe it'll be different this time. Just try. Ready? One, two," His brother would race off at one, leaving Reacon to wait until three.
Before Reacon turned 15, they would often play together like this.

Reacon ran as fast he could, catching up to Lianna who was equally as fast as he was. He gave one final spurt of energy, putting himself at the same speed as Lianna. They reach the village as a tie, leaving Reacon speechless. It was rare for someone to best him in physical activities. He clearly had not expected the outcome to be so close.
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Posted 10/23/15

Name: Lianna Kiro
Age: 35
Gender: Female

"Honestly, I've never been matched before." Lianna said to Reacon with a smile. "As a child I was always different from everyone... I always preferred to fight, and I was older than all of the other children...." she started, her smile fading as she had some flashbacks of her own. "So I really just watched the other kids instead of playing with them... But when I was older, sometimes I'd race my husband." Her smile came back. "I remember that... I was always faster than him, and he'd always say that he was going to catch up to me, but he never did...." Her smile disappeared once again. "My husband...." She shook her head. "When I came here, it was unexpected... To all my loved ones, I've disappeared into the forest and still haven't come back... I've just... disappeared... They probably think I've been mauled by a bear or something...." She didn't mention that her emotional state hadn't exactly been the best either, and that her committing suicide might've been an entirely possible reason for her disappearance as well.
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