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Posted 9/21/15
Over the past week and half I've been in touch with Crunchyroll support numerous time to resolve my problem but have simply received the same email every time I've contacted Crunchyroll's support, the last few times I've received no reply at all. I have responded to this email each time by replying to it in the space specified but I never receive a response to my communications.

I've been a premium member for the last year and a half and maintain my membership via gift subscriptions. Due to the sale that was occurring I was unable to purchase a gift subscription to continue my membership so I took advantage of the two-week free trial by hooking up m paypal account to Crunchyroll. Toward the end of the trail I purchased two gift subscriptions, but since the two-week trial ended I have been unable to access any of the premium content. The premium membership status section of my account says that my gift subscription is active.

I’ve tried logging in and out across various devices: Safari on my mac, and the iPhone and WiiU apps.

The issue has seemingly come about as a result of my subscription expiring after the two week trial and not properly activating my gift subscription, despite the fact that the website says it is active.

It appears the website says that my gift subscription is active but it’s not actually registering as being active.

I would appreciate the attention required to resolve this issue, and would appreciate, if possibe, having my subscription extended by a number of days equal to those that I have been unable to use the premium service I've paid for. I've tried resolving this issue by contacting Crunchyroll support to no avail. I hope someone from the mod team may be able to address the issue or put me in touch with someone who can.


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Posted 9/22/15
Should be fixed.
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