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Food War: Chili vs Curry
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Posted 9/24/15 , edited 9/24/15

scoobydew wrote:

Dariamus wrote:

JustineKo2 wrote:

I love curry the best, although between Thai style, Japanese style and Indian style, Indian is my least favorite. So when I refer to curry, I don't really consider it to be Indian food.

I have two Indian buffets within walking distance of where I work. I'll go eat curry at them about once ever six months. I've never had Japanese curry

By contrast, I'll to the Hard Times Café and get 5 way Chili about once a month. They have a selection of chili types, including Cincinnati and Texas style. I tend to cook my own chili in the winter.

Do you ever buy the Cincy seasoning packages so you can make at home a lot different then Texas style it has like almost greek influence has a hint of cinnamon maybe?

I've tried the Cincinnati style a few times, but don't care for cinnamon in my chili. When I cook chili at home, I do everything from scratch. No prepackaged seasoning.

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Posted 9/24/15 , edited 9/25/15
Curry makes me sick to my stomach every time I smell it, most Indian food smells have that effect on me so I've never actually tried them, as the scent alone makes me feel nauseous. Even if I tried it and liked it I feel the smell would still give me a stomachache. Not to mention the stench of curry lingers in the air LONG after it's been made. Eeeeeeugh. To be fair the only style of curry I've ever seen and smelled is Indian, though.

I only like mild chili, but whenever I eat chili, period, I get struck with a nasty case of indigestion.

So I really don't want either. There are some savory foods I don't mind but both these have kind of adverse effects on me.
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Posted 9/25/15 , edited 9/25/15
chicken tikka masala! if you can't that as a curry then,...I guess curry over chili?
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