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Boyfriend kills girlfriend; assumes her identity
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Posted 9/24/15

haikinka wrote:

Ryulightorb wrote:

This will sound really racist but i have noticed if you look at one race they each all look similar in some ways or even by country but when its your own country you notice the differences.

With me alot of Americans look the same at times the same with Asian people etc so i kind of wonder if we just don't pick up on the small details since we haven't been around them all our lives.

just something i noticed

You know how people with downs syndrome all look pretty similar? Apparently it's exactly the same principle. We end up concentrating on the features that stand out to us.

Well that would make alot of sense.
Posted 9/29/15 , edited 9/29/15
Opposites attract after all.
Posted 9/30/15
^ Not always. Birds of the same feather flock together as the saying goes.
Posted 9/30/15

haikinka wrote:

And here I was hoping he was wearing her skin as a disguise.

Exactly what I was thinking
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Posted 9/30/15

ayaundwolf wrote:

    Makes you wonder how long you'll go unnoticed if you disappear.

animegirl2222 wrote:

winniet718 wrote:

messed up, but i thought he literally dressed up as her and tried to continue living life as her.

I thought the same, I was prepped to see a dude in drag!!!! kind of an ambiguous thread title, not exactly clickbait, but still...

    I thought the same thing, haha.

LMFAO I was expecting the same too!
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Posted 3/24/16
Closed because OP nuked.
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