I made a music video from Angel Eyes Kdrama (Possible Spoilers)
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Posted 9/23/15
My first attempt at a music video. IT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. I do not own ANYTHING in this video, I just did the editing. I do not make any money on this video in any way. Music is by Coldplay: Sky full of stars. Footage is from Angel Eyes Kdrama. Please like and share if you enjoyed this video. And visit my website http://geekysweetie.com for kdrama, anime, and game news and reviews (And more videos like this in the future)


Also does anyone know where I can download High Definition Kdrama Episodes or Clips that I can use? I'm unhappy with the video quality in my first video, but I had trouble finding this series anywhere. It doesn't need subtitles, can be raw. Thanks
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Posted 1/5/17
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