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What Does People of Color Mean When They Say It in the Media?
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24 / M / The Cosmos
Posted 9/24/15 , edited 9/25/15
They're probably talking about black people but I think it's funny when they say "People of Color" considering white people turn the most colors out of any other race.

Green when they're sick
Red when they're hot or embarassed
Yellow if you poke 'em hard enough
Blue when they're cold
Purple when they get beat up

I mean that's like more than half the rainbow right there.
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Posted 9/25/15 , edited 9/26/15
^ I'm not sure about the yellow part.
Posted 9/26/15 , edited 9/26/15
Black people. But I'm dark skinned so I guess I could be seen as a "colored" ethnic person, as I'm not very white looking for a "White" person.

It's a term. Shouldn't be taken as much more.
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M / Pennsylvania
Posted 9/26/15 , edited 9/26/15

serifsansserif wrote:

nah,,, it just means black people. Asians and hispanics don't count.. And especially not white people.

It's subtle racism because the N word is not allowed, and the person saying it wants to sound like a "good" person in their own mind. It's used as an empty platitude by rich white people.

I'd probably keep my acceptance speech short and sweet... Keep it classy. :P

I dont really see it as racism. And "People of color" applies to anyone with any color in there skin, I'd even say that asian people are included even if the asian person has pearl while skin. The only people that are not in that category is Caucasian people. don;t look at it in a bad way if you are Caucasian you make up about 77% of america
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