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love, chunibyo and delusions - is there a third season?
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Posted 9/24/15 , edited 9/24/15

Yamstarch wrote:

Gafennec wrote:

Thanks to this thread I just went and bought: Augh! I'm poor and need to stop these impulse buys.

Wow that's a good price too. Too bad I am broke for a few more weeks.

Yeah. It's a great price. But still poor Gafennecs need to conserve money. Oh well. It IS well worth the money. You can put it on your wishlist for later. I hope you can get yourself a copy too.
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Posted 9/24/15 , edited 9/25/15
Best you'll probably get will be the third Light Novel that came out after the second season aired, which will require hunting around for a fan translation. It would also likely require reading the first two light novels as well, because they don't take place in the same universe as the anime- different characters, events, etc.

Another season of anime though? It's possible, but I strongly doubt it. Kyoto Animation has practically gone on record saying that they're not interested in making third seasons for their series.
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Posted 9/24/15 , edited 9/25/15

Wulfnpet wrote:
I just finished the second season and am curious if there is a third. I also read that there is a third installment of manga for it but dont find it here where could i??

Hi Wulfnpet! I'm glad you got the info requested. I've moved this thread over to our Advice, Info, Recommendations forum now, where it can serve as a reference in case others on Crunchy have the same question! (If you have other requests for info, or advice, or recommendations, please do start those threads in the Advice, Info, Recommendations forum.)

Saemonza wrote:
Sometimes I wish someone would invent some kind of program or engine that would allow a person to type in keywords and use them to search for information on the internet. Then people wouldn't have to flood forums with dumb questions all the time because the answers they'd want would be easily attainable without bothering others.

Oh well. Maybe in a few years.

Well, by the looks of how many people do answer questions in CR's Advice, Info, Recommendations forum I'd say there are a lot of folks happy to flood the forums with helpfulness in response to all kinds of questions!

In the future if you see someone asking for information or advice in CR's Discussion forums, please either ignore them if you don't have the info, or report the thread so it can be moved to the correct forum rather than chide them. What you did here was kind of rude
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Posted 1/23/17 , edited 1/24/17
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