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Do you like to eat offal?
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Posted 9/26/15 , edited 9/26/15
So CR community, how much do you love the organ meats?

And what are your favorite offal (dishes)?

My Top 3:
1. Veal Tongue
2. Tripe
3. Chicken Gizzards

Least Favorite:
I've eaten the eyeballs of many creatures, but I don't really care all that much about them (kinda bland).

Posted 9/26/15
Lamb Tounge is good if cooked properly
Chicken livers pretty tasty
Lamb heart
Liver pate with onions and peppers in the mix and tallow

Least favorite:
Kidneys there is just something off-putting about them.

Would like to try:
Sweetbread (Thymus gland or pancreas)
Tripe (Small intestine I think)
Brain (I'm crazy I know)
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Posted 1/24/17
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