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Posted 9/26/15
Apply here

Why do you want it?
What will you do?
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Posted 9/27/15
Name: Hikari

Exp.: I'm a mod in Code Ochea, Darkness of Ochea (RP), Fall of Time, Chat, Nothing To Do Club, Final Fantasys, K I N G S, Guilty Pleasures, Thanksgiving Feast!, and I'm the creator of Essentia

Why do you want it?: I'm a mod in most of your other groups, plus I like this group and would like to help, this will be fun!

What will you do?: Keep the forums clean and on topic, give tips to newbies and help them, I can BB-Code, and more!
Posted 9/27/15

Ok Hikari!

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Posted 9/27/15
Name: Savannah
Exp: Nearly all of your groups + Rubatosis
Why do you want it?: I want to make aviis and clean up the forum and main page
What will you do?: Graphics and general clarity updates
Posted 9/27/15

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