Table-Top Player/Gamer Vs GM/DM Questions
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Posted 9/27/15
So, I'm new to table-top RPG gaming.... but, I've been playing just about every other type of game my entire life.

This means, when it came to making a character and spending XP, I knew where to put it to get results. I also stuck to my backstory, as well, so that really isn't an issue.

I started playing with a guy who created his own campaign, using rules from several different games. Needless to say, this created a bit of confusion, but we've all been going with it, so far, and for the most part it seems people are having fun. That's what is important, anyway, right?

Unfortunately, my character started getting a bit OP (though, only in comparison to everyone else's character, and the monsters the GM put in front of us. I can see plenty of VERY easy ways to complicate things for my character). Rather than increase the strength or number of opponents, the GM keeps giving me random, unexplained negative modifiers to make my rolls weaker. It's kind of annoying, because it is so obvious.

Recently, I was told that a "skill"(actually called something else, but I'm just making this simple for everyone) I purchased may or may not be allowed depending on the situation, per his decision, because "It will just make you too powerful."

So... the question: Am I within reason for being frustrated and annoyed at this, or is this standard in table-top RPGs?
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Posted 10/18/15
You are right for being frustrated. The thing about rules is that they are rules. They are designed to keep things fair. These rules should apply to everyone. If you are getting random negative modifiers and can't use your skills ask the DM what rule he is citing. There's no rule against you being awesome.
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Posted 10/18/15
I've played a ton of table top RPGs. D&D, TMNT, Star Wars, Twilight 2000, Warhammer etc.

The most frustrating part of table top RPGs is actually getting a game together. Then you also have to find a campaign that everyone can finish in the allotted time because not everyone comes back the next time you play.

However if you ever find a quality DM (and I've think I've only played with 3-4 really good ones), god damn its the best time ever.
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Posted 10/18/15
He sounds like a terrible game master, sorry if I sound rude, but that's how I would describe him.

There are many, many gms who pretty much have no clue how to run a game, so they try to hide this fact by doing what you said, creating a smorgasbord of different rpgs. He may not be like them, but he sure sounds like it to me.

I would quit playing with him, because I get the feeling you are no longer having as much fun; but, if you really, really want to stick with that group, talk to him and tell him that, like you said, instead of giving you negative modifiers, he should put you against very powerful enemies (that don't engage the other "weaker" characters), that way, you get to show off your super powers while trying to maintain the illusion of credibility.

I remember one game of The Mutant Epoch, one of my players found this insanely powerful battle armor, so, I always put the bigger bads against him and everyone was happy, they were like "yikes, two nuclear ogres?! Let Dimitri handle them".

By the way, if you guys enjoy rpgs in general, check out my youtube channel that contains a lot of reviews covering different genres. My latest review is about a new game called Vexith, a truly surprising game, considering it tackles a very saturated demographic. If you get a chance, take a look at the review:


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Posted 1/15/17
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