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Eitherite: A strange foreign material within meteors that fall to earth. Oddly they do not burn up in entry of the atmosphere. Eithers are created by Eitherite particles being introduced into the host body. They are a pure white rock like material with glowing opaque blue vain like indentations. The more material introduced into host body the more potent the abilities gained. Animals do not seem to be affected in anyway, only humans

Aeitherite: An inverse of the Eitherite, A pale blue material delivered to earth in the same way Eitherite is, however it has glowing white indentations, Introduced in the same way Aeitherite has a very different effect on the body. Depending on the amount introduced, the host grows animal like body parts such as changed pupils, wings (rarely enable flight) and tails and/or ears.

Either: Humans with remarkable abilities, generally regarded as nonhuman. Based on the potency of their abilities gained they can be ranked in order from least powerful to most powerful E rank, D rank, C rank, B rank, A rank and finally S ranked. Either abilities differ from Aeither abilities in the way they are more suited for combat, however the lower levels the difference between Aeither abilities and Either abilities blurs considerably. An E rank may be able to make light objects hover off the ground by a meter or two. An S rank however could manipulate gravity or lightning.

Aeither: Humans that were infected with Aeither material, who are sometimes regarded as nonhuman. They differ from Eithers as their abilities are more support oriented, Their ranking is also different, ranking is the same alphabetical order as Either. However Their letters are assigned regarding their purity ranking. The more complete their animal qualities the higher the rank, Their abilities are also linked to their purity. Higher purity have stronger abilities, An E rank may be able to smell like a dog, while an S rank can control illusions. The only way to differentiate an Aeither and an Either when their usual classifications blur is by their Animal qualities.

Neither: A third even less human faction, The Neither are a strange organism comprised not of cells but of viruses. They appear to be made of gears and are monochromatic for the most part, Their blood however is a glowing yellow. They have firearms and laser weaponry as part of their natural form. However Fire arms and blades are only for higher ranks Neither. Ranked the same as Either and Aeither they hunt down any living creature indiscriminately. They act as a hive mind, yet no hive has been found to contain a central brain. They appear when eitherite particles and aeitherite particles collide. Upon first creation they are E ranks, the more E ranks that fuse together the large it grows. Once it reaches a large enough size they no longer appear like mechanized wolves. D rank and up take on a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While no S ranks have ever been found, it is theorized they would be colossal. The only way to destroy a Neither is by attacking it's core which resides either within or on the Neither. Without destroying the core the Neither will endlessly regenerate. S.E.E. and The Citadel prioritize Neither extermination over anything else, and due to their combined work Neither ranks high than D are a rarity. Neither reside only in the outskirts of Chicago and grow in frequency the closer one wanders to the Neither hive.

S.E.E.: Standing for Special Either Investigators (Either is the general term used when referring to both Either and Aeither). S.E.E. is generally known as a peace keeping group known by the same acronym. The acronym in this instance stands for Saving Earth Enterprises. They hire Either and Aeither under the pretense they'll be exempt from the extermination, while most Eithers see this as a lie, some join S.E.E. S.E.E. Is also a weapons manufacturer ensuring their troops have the best gear. They are aware of the Eithernet and prevent the general populace from learning of Eithers and the city. They do not actively assault Eithernet as that would cause pandemonium. On rare occasions that an individual attempts to expose Eithers and Eithernet human or otherwise, they may team up with Citadel security to maintain secrecy.

Masks: Either activities are generally secretive, so to maintain secrecy above ground and under ground Eithers and Aeithers where a mask designed by a mask maker. Mask makers generally are controlled by The Citadel. Any Aeither or Either can design Their own mask or let a mask maker create it. Most Eithers and Aeithers choose to have the mask relate to their power and title. Some cautious Eithers and Aeithers may choose to buy a plastic temporary mask in case Their personal mask is damaged or destoryed.

Titles: Like masks using a title maintains secrecy. Generally titles are what is used in place of names when a mask is equipped.

Main Elevators: There are four above ground shops that have a small E etched into their handle this signifies they contain entrances to the four elevators. The entrances are hidden by way of puzzles . the north elevator is located in a pub, this entrances is entered by approaching the bar and placing 100$ on the table and saying the phrase. "Your cheapest shittiest drink...keep the change." Inside is a store house the left area on the back most wall opens to a ladder leading to the elevator. The east wing's elevator is within a small library where the right combination of requests will inform the librarian to let you through. Approaching the librarian and saying "I'd like a book on Supernatural powers, military, economics and the necronomicon." will inform the librarian. Once let into the back room a book case will have a small button behind it pressing this small button will open a small room with a ladder down. West wings Elevator is located in a gas station bathroom. Entering the bathroom and reaching in the back tank with have a small button pressing with will cause a tile on the wall to pop out. However if someone presses the tile the entrance will lock for 1 hour, instead hitting the tank's button again will open a small hole in the wall leading to the ladder. The south side's elevator is inside the sewers. A man hole cover in front of a condemned building has a small E on it. Entering here will lead you to a small piping room, a small pipe in the very back has a latch behind it. lifting the latch and pressing the button with reveal the ladder.

Eitherapp:This is an app distributed solely in the Eithernet. This contains clan pages, forums, videos etc. Those interested in operations above ground, against S.E.E. or The Neither may place rumors and requests here, While not on the app the app hides itself.
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