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Posted 9/28/15
The South wing:This wing is the poor wing, crime, prostitution and various other activities happen here. The Citadel occasionally raids the wing stopping gang wars, slave trading many of which being low ranks and black market dealings. The black market contains anything from drugs, firearms and a type of dealing unique to the Eithernet; Eitherite and Aeitherite deals, while most criminals are smart enough to prevent two diffrent types from coming into contact. Some fail, these result in full wing shut down and a Security team sent in to eliminate the threat. The Citadel security occasionally pays out Eitherite and Aeitherite in Official deals for large sums of money and trades. Either or Aeither already infected with the virus that intakes more of the same particle type grows in power. If sufficient material is taken in a rank shift can occur. If a Either or Aeither takes an opposite material; death soon follows.
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