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Digimon series - Problems with Digimon Tamers.
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Posted 12/29/15
I do get the fact that Digimon has dark themes in it. But then if they wanted to make it dark to begin with shouldn't they have upped the target age group and put older characters in it? I still don't know why you guys are saying Pokemon and Digimon can't be compared so then what is it to be compared with? Neopets, Cubix, Medabots, Monster Rancher, Dragon Drive, Yugio(oh), Bakugan.

I still don't think upping the age group is necessary. It had dark themes, true, but not dark enough to have a cut off age. Additionally, it's not really necessary to put older characters in it. Just look at Naruto, at the beginning of that series the main protagonists were 12 or 13 and were already dealing with death on a regular basis.

You guys do have to admit that overdoing those episodes with Jeri remembering Leomon's death was really unecessary. I think a dedicated fanbase would remember that. I bet tey were using that as a timefiller to kill the show.

That's subjective. I understand if you felt the plot with Jeri remembering Leomon's death was stretched too thin, but I can't agree with it. In my view, this was necessary to show why the series' main villain was able to possess her in the first place. Also, I doubt they were using this to "kill" the show, since that arc seemed plotted out to be the grand finale anyways.
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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/26/17
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