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Posted 9/29/15 , edited 9/30/15

I contacted support after UQ Holder chapter 95 didn't show up, then did show up with no pages in it, then vanished again. I described the problem, includes a screen cap, then another showing how it went from 94 to the countdown for 96. I said that the ongoing weeks of manga problems were making my reconsider my premium+ subscription.

Their reply included a link as to how to unsubscribe from Crunchyroll and not a thing about the UQ Holder chapter (which finally did show up 3 days later). So they weren't even reading what I wrote, just scanning keywords. Pathetic.
Posted 9/29/15 , edited 9/30/15
You're not really asking for any help, you're just here to complain about something as minor as a slightly malfunctioning mangareader, and threatening to end your subscription if they dont do what you want, when you want it?

Seems legit.

There are lots of users, lots of setups, phones, tablets. To fix a problem that is occurring for all, is not as easy as flipping a switch. Did you actually check your email for a response? Trashfolders and all? Or did you just read the initial bot-response to your ticket?

Also, if you check the manga-forum, you can see that lots of people are having problems with the same thing. Could've posted in one of those threads.
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Posted 9/29/15 , edited 9/30/15
@Shukuzen: that's kind of harsh in my opinion. This is a help forum, and if you have a complaint about a help desk response, why can't you air it here? (And why would you want to clutter up a non-help space like the general Manga forum with a complaint about a help response?)
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