What music do you write to?
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Posted 9/30/15 , edited 9/30/15
I listen to music when I write fanfiction, and I recently did some chapters from the perspective of a different character. This was a character that I was having difficulty relating to, so I had to change my music drastically. I'm happily done those chapters, but some of my writing music is getting tired.

In the interest of finding new music, I thought I would ask what music helps you write?
Please be specific as to what mood or even type of character each song helps you write for.

The entire Live It Out album by Metric (http://www.ilovemetric.com/music/) has been great for writing from the female protagonist's perspective because I like to think of her as intelligent and sassy.

Tell Her Tonight, Take Me Out, The Dark of the Matinee, Auf Achse by Franz Ferdinand were really good for writing the initial chapters to establish the storyline's smutty-yet-fun side.

Make Up Your Mind and Nothing Could Come Between Us were key in writing for a male protagonist who is very aggressive and prideful. I needed the harsh edge of the music to make sure I didn't start writing from the feminine perspective again.

The Eyes Open was particularly useful for writing a reconciliation.

The most interesting music I have come across lately is actually a few songs by My Brightest Diamond: Dragonfly, The Robin's Jar, Workhorse,This is My Hand - but not because it helped me write. It was interesting because it did the exact opposite. I like listening to it but when it's playing I can't write a single word. When The Robin's Jar first started playing while I was writing, it was like all the words had just dried up inside me and I had to stop.
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Posted 10/2/15 , edited 10/2/15
I don't really listen to music while doing the actual writing, but when I'm on a walk brainstorming or something, I usually just listen to Chiasm, since her work is claustrophobic enough to give me a feel for what I usually write. Has a nice variety of tones and songs too so I can pick and choose what specific mindset I'm going for.
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Posted 1/26/16 , edited 1/27/16
I don't really listen to music when I write but when I do I'll listen to pretty much any genre. The type of music I prefer the most though is metal or TSFH.
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Posted 1/26/16 , edited 1/27/16
Some music just seeps into me without actually stealing away my attention. I can't really explain why it works for some music and not other music but some of the stuff I listen to while I write:

-Protest the Hero (reminds me of Baccano because I listened to PTH nonstop while reading through the light novels)
-Steven Wilson
-Godspeed! You Black Emperor
-aivi & surrashu
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Posted 4/4/16 , edited 4/5/16
Coalescence - Risk of Rain OST by Chris Christodoulou or really anything from this guy.

Musical Marble Machine - Wintergatan or really anything from this group

Transitions - Far Lands

These are examples and you can find them all on soundcloud.
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Posted 4/6/16 , edited 4/6/16
Sometimes I'll write without music, but that's only if I really need to think and concentrate, but if I have the flow....

Bullet for my valentine. They really keep you up in terms of focus, and they just have a lot of songs that really push you.

Random anime openings, upbeat and helps your thought process.

A lot of metal and hard rock. Metallica, Megadeth, iron maiden, black tide, I've listen to them countless of times so it's just background music that keeps me focused.

Andy McKee, Ewan dobson, Tommy emanuEl, Sungha Jung. Just some all around great chill music, instrumental guitar, very relaxing.
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Posted 12/24/17 , edited 12/24/17
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