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Posted 9/30/15
For some reason half way through my one month subscription, I suddenly was put on free member despite my successful renewal on September 18. I tried sending a message to the support team three times for several days, but never received a response other than a generic machine e-mail saying I need to give more info and to look up some resources available. I have looked up possible solutions with no success, given everything listed in the e-mail, sent Photos with proof of my successful purchase, and even went as far as paying again only to receiving a message that I'm already subscribed and don't need to renew till October 15th (What's up with that, then why am I still under free membership?). Still I'm not getting my service and no one has responded to my e-mails. If I was getting a response from a real person saying that is being looked into I wouldn't have too much of a problem, but right now I feel as if I'm being ignored. If anyone here can help me resolve this issue, please.
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Posted 9/30/15
I just fixed your premium status and gifted you premium equivalent to the amount of days you have missed.
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