Custom toys of your favorite characters including yourself!
Posted 9/30/15 , edited 10/1/15
Hey guys!

I have a great worker who is fantastic at making custom funko pop figures. Shes done amazing work with walking dead customs, batman/joker mashups, she's even made a funko of myself. It came out well. Imagine having your own action figure on your shelf at work :D

I was curious if there were any people here who would like her to make custom pops of possibly your favorite anime characters :D. I am certain we can get her to make some toys such as Kuroko Basketball and other hit animes.

Private message me if interested and I'll send her your way, or simply check out her facebook/etsy page.

She resides in Canada. Best part is shes quick to reply and has a passion for her hobby. She gives every toy 100% attention to detail.

Facebook link is below. Over 500 likes and has been doing this for quite some time.

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