Advice on fair use laws in regards to using anime footage.
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I've recently started up a new anime based YT channel where I'm planning on doing news and reviews based on anime and manga, but I'm slightly concerned about the fair use laws.

I'll go ahead and quote the post I made on my networks forums.

So I'm thinking of starting up a new channel where I use footage from the anime I want to review to make a short comedy style intro as, to be honest, my current gaming channel depresses me.

I was all hyped for it, writing out scripts and fleshing out my ideas on what I wanted to do (I had scripts for four videos written out and was researching what clips and segments I wanted to use for each) when I read on Twitter that an anime channel that I love (TheAnimeMan) received a copyright strike on his channel for using anime footage! Broke my heart when I read that and crushed the enthusiasm that I had built up.

So my question is, what is the fair use policy like for using anime footage for review purposes? I'm not wanting to make an abridged series like TeamFourStar and LittleKuriboh (Faullero had his channel taken down for copyright strikes on his abdridged videos), but I AM wanting to use footage with voice overs etc.

Any information will be greatly appreciated!
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I'm not a lawyer, but here's my understanding:

1) You can't post full episodes, or significant parts of episodes (more than a short clip) without express permission (which, realistically, you won't ever get). If you try, you will get shut down.

2) For screen-shots or short clips, if you aren't making money off your YT channel, no one cares. At least, no human cares, which leads to:

3) YT uses an automated system to detect the presence of copyrighted material, which has a reputation for "block now, ask questions later". I don't know how that system works, but be aware. (And with some googling around, you might be able to find details on how it works, how to avoid being blocked by it, etc.)

4) If you DO make money on your channel (or want to bother selling ads and trying to make money), then technically you need to get permission from a license holder before using any licensed image (this is called "commercial usage"). Those permissions can be gotten, but they are a pain in the posterior, and often expensive. Commercial usage means that you are using the image to sell something: you are selling access to your channel, you are selling ads on your channel, or you are selling products that you talk about on your channel.

5) Generally speaking, if you don't get permission, you'll be able to fly under the radar for quite awhile, at least until you get big enough that someone notices you.
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