You wake up in a dark room
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Posted 10/2/15
So this is a fairly simple word role playing game, as the title states you wake up in a dark room and from there you will have to see what you have, and what you can do just by typing it and hoping for luck while on my end I will roll a D20 (a twenty sided dice) to see how successful you are roll a 20 and a miracle will happen roll a 1 and you better hope all you were doing is watching paint dry. However rolling high does not always mean success since I will base what YOU can do off a base of an average fit person, basically asking to become superman so you can through the world into the sun really won’t happen unless you roll multiple 20s in a row.

For this game I will be limiting requests to around 2 non-run-on sentences. Too long of a request and I will cut it short or simplify the request, however you can write extra if you wish to clarify what you mean but do so in brackets. There shall be 2 game modes for this #1 escape the thing (house, prison, etc.). #2 survive as long as you can or defeat a final boss. For each game mode each person shall have only 1 life and will end if everyone dies or you clear the game. Game lengths will vary depending on how many people are playing, their choices and of course Rn Jesus. I will be taking up to 10 people per game but can run up to 3 games at a time. To join just say “Join game number X” (fill in the game number) and vote for what game type you want to play by typing in “escape” or “survive”. I will start the game when I feel it is full enough but can add people if the game is in progress but has not progressed far or if someone wishes to play in a prearranged party or a solo party. There shall be at least 1 turn per day more if everyone has responded (I will check generally around 8-3am PST (or is it PDT (ah whatever time it is in California)) and periodically throughout the day if I can). No 2 stories will be the same and will evolve with how people are doing.

If you have any questions or need clarification feel free to ask I will be happy to answer. And remember I am your DM Zoocamper.

With that I shall be taking signups for games #1 #2 and #3

And finally have FUN.

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Posted 10/2/15 , edited 10/2/15
Hi there,

I'm moving this to the Forum Games forum as I feel that this topic is more appropriate here than in a forum which is for discussing Games.
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Posted 12/25/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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