[Collaboration to Paid Work] Looking for Motivated Artists and Creators for Magazine
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Posted 10/2/15
Hello Artists and Creators!

Right now, I am a representative from the Writers group, “World Manga Publishing”. We are a collection of writers from all around the globe, and have decided what we want to make our next step. Currently, the only type of comics available to those outside of Japan or Korea are Western style superhero comics. Although it is a good medium, I don’t believe it has the same level of depth that Manwha or Manga has. For this reason, we want to bring good, original Manga-styled comics to those around the world. As many in countries other than Japan know, purchasing good quality manga is hard. Volumes come out every so often, but they are usually hundreds of chapters behind the serialized version. We want to provide up to date, easily purchasable, original comics to those who could not normally get them. We want to provide the same quality Manga that those in Japan can get from Shounen Jump or other manga publishers. As such, we need content first and foremost. And that’s where we need artists.

So far, we have a rough plan as to how we will go about this.

Step 1: Content. Without enough content of a certain level, no-one will be interested in our magazine, and those who do will not want to continue reading our magazine. This will be one of our biggest challenges, but one I know we can overcome. Right now, we have stories, but no artists to make them reality. We need creators who will work hard and be consistent in their efforts and truly want to achieve something ground breaking. We are not looking for just artists, but creators as a whole who will want to work with us.

Step 2: Funding. This is what most people here are most concerned with. At present time, we have zero money. Yes, that’s right, nothing. But this is where our need for content is greatest. Our hope is to receive funding from people around the world who want an international manga magazine that provides quality, entertaining manga. For this purpose, we have chosen to use crowd funding as our source of funding. We hope to use Kickstarter or other sources to get our necessary funds. At first, we cannot offer payment in any sort, so we apologize in advance for that. But over time, as the magazine gets more popular, we will be able to offer payment. Think of this as an investment – your time being the currency paid. Once we get a crown funding campaign up and running and successful, payment will be issued. Details will come later about that.

Step 3: Distribution. Creating a brand new publishing company from scratch will be very difficult without a strong backing. For this reason, our first means of distribution will be through an online site as a Webcomic. It is our hopes that every month, a magazine with a new chapter will be cut together and put onto this site in much of the similar way that it is for Viz Media or other sites. We currently have a graphic designer and a web designer willing to work for free and able to secure a domain name, so this step is by far our easiest. At present time, we have editors who have a great deal of knowledge in story writing and manga as a medium, and are willing to work for free to increase the quality of all of our manga.

Step 4: Publishing. At first, publishing will not be able to occur on the same scale as a manga magazine. Part of the money that comes from the crowd funding will be put into publishing volumes of work. As of yet, we have not gotten into contact with distributing companies, but conventions are a good first start. Any and all volumes of your work will be paid for by us, so you don’t have to worry about self-publishing. We will cover you there. In addition to this, if you can’t take your published works to a convention, don’t worry! If we are located close to conventions, we will take your work and sell it under the name World Manga Publishing, all credit will be given to you for that story, and you will receive your payment. Eventually, it is our hope to distribute this to even greater sources, such as book stores and comic shops.

Step 5: Expanding Market. This is the most daunting and unfortunately hardest to see step. Once we have gotten to a point that our popularity has risen to a high enough level to warrant monthly purchases, we will begin to outsource our magazine for publishing and put it through the relevant channels of business. This will include convenience stores, book stores, comic stores, etc. I can’t say how long it will take to achieve this step, but it is the point we hope to reach.

Step 6: International Market. At the point our website and published magazines become popular enough, we will begin to expand our market. At first, we are hoping to publish in the U.S.A. and expand to around the world as time goes on. This is our end game, our nirvana, our… you get the picture. We want to bring our quality manga to everyone around the world.

It is an incredibly daunting but simultaneously exciting goal we wish to achieve, and we need the help of artists and creators who love manga as much as we do to reach this goal. Help us take our dream and make it reality, and become a part of an incredible new revolution in the world of manga and comics as a whole.
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