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Top five manga you love and why
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20 / F / Anywhere
Posted 10/2/15
I'm interested to know wat mangas everyone loves
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mmmmmmmmmmm there...
Posted 10/2/15 , edited 10/2/15
-One Piece
-Tokyo Ghoul
-something outta here |

Do I really need a reason? XD
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Posted 10/2/15
Attack on Titan
Tokyo Ghoul
Code Breaker
Akame Ga Kill
Deadman Woonderland.

Why? They are best
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20 / M / USA
Posted 10/2/15
Posted 10/2/15
(In no order)
Oyasumi punpun - will always be my favourite manga of all time
Aku no hana - the art style was beautiful
Liar game - art style lacked but I love the concept of it
Orange/re collection/yumemiru taiyou - favourite mangaka's work
One punch man - no explanation needed here
Death note - it's a masterpiece
My little monster - favourite shoujo manga of all time
Mondai ga aru - I just like the simplicity/randomness of it

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32 / M / The Abyss of Time
Posted 10/2/15 , edited 10/3/15
Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul: re: MC for me is relate-able, the females are badasses, it deals with (in a way) discrimination/demonization of people, and has an overall intelligence about it.

Immortal Regis/Cavalier of The Abyss: Technically this is a manwha but meh I'm tossing it in, because I love it. Badass female characters, tackles difficult subjects, you see the progression of the first series's MC as various events happen in his life and what they lead to in the second series. The male MC and female MC's love story/romance even with its complexities still is one of my favorites and stands as a tragic romance. The artwork is gorgeous and the series overall has a lot of depth to it.

Girl Friends/Sasameki Koto (tied for me) : Yuri series that aren't about the 'girl on girl is hot' but instead about showing the relationships being developed.

Deadman Wonderland : Again badass females, shows how corrupt people can become (especially those with power), has a tragic heroine, and a tragic romance (or at least I see it that way). Doesn't go overboard with the gore aspects.

Pandora Hearts : Complex story, well-developed characters, and a tragic romance involved.

Honorable Mentions:
Claymore, Rosario Vampire, Kaichou wa maid sama, Its not my fault I'm not popular, Horimiya, Ubel Blatt, Ga-Rei

May alter in the future if think of any others that are higher on my list.
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Posted 10/2/15
Love stage-I love the characters
Renai idenshi xx- it was really unique
Junjou romantica-I liked all the different characters
Citrus-Pretty characters
Deadman wonderland-I thought it was fun to read
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19 / F / GA
Posted 10/2/15
orange - i thought it would just be one of your typical shoujo manga, but nope. it's very unique, seeing as how it focuses on a character that's suicidal, and his friends receive letters from their future selves telling their present selves to save him. it's amazing honestly.

katekyo hitman reborn - i loved the action and all of the characters

yumemiru taiyou - i loved the art and the girl actually ended WITH WHO I WANTED HER TO END UP WITH

hana nomi zo shiru - yaoi manga, i thought it was very cute

ookami shoujo to kuro ouji - although it started out with the guy being completely rude to the girl, you can see now that he really loves her now (finally) and i just love how it's turning out
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19 / F / New Zealand
Posted 10/2/15
Orange - gorgeous art and a brilliant story. All the characters were really relateable, and it was the perfect length for telling its story, not drawn out or anything. Totally broke my heart, cuz it was just so real.

Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul:re - awesome concept and story and the art really captures the darker themes of the manga. I get so excited every time a new chapter comes out, cuz I just have no idea where the story's gonna go next.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - my all time favourite comedy of anything. Absolutely hilarious and full of wonderful characters.

Haikyuu!! - I'm a sucker for a good sports anime/manga. Haikyuu is no exception! I've always loved the style it was drawn in and all the characters are just so loveable. Plus, it gets you hella pumped up.

Noragami - The concept had me hooked and the wonderful art, storytelling and characters just made it all that much better. The story's still evolving and gaining so much more depth to it and it's just such a fun manga to keep up with.

Honorable mentions: Yamada-kun, Akame ga Kill, Ajin, Shishunki Bitter Change, Assassination Classroom, Nijiiro Days and Owari no Seraph. It was pretty hard choosing my top five!
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22 / M / United States
Posted 10/3/15
Bakuman - My favorite of the two series from Ohbata & Ohba. The most lovable cast of characters that I've seen. A genuinely feel-good series.

One Piece - An enormous cast of memorable characters. Excellent world-building, and a fun juxtaposition of silliness/comedy with epic moments.

Onepunch-man - Some of the best art I have ever seen in manga. Brilliant comedy mixed with awesome fight scenes.

Onanie Master Kurosawa - Lovable characters led by one of my favorite protagonists ever. Incredible character development for the main character who brings torment on himself but the series ends perfectly with everyone happy.

Shokugeki no Souma - Incredible art, probably the best in Shonen Jump. An incredibly lovable cast of characters. A series that makes cooking feel like the most epic thing in the world.
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Posted 10/3/15
Ah My Goddess: At first, it's a typical "loser gets ideal girl" sort of story... but over time, you see her flaws and his skills, and eventually the two of them mesh in an incredibly beautiful way.

SA: Special A: I love the heroine. But the manga really gets good once the main couple gets together; they tease each other, the protect each other, and they have faith in each other.

Angel Densetsu: It's basically the same joke told over and over again (people misunderstanding the main character because of his appearance), but somehow it never gets old.

Umi no Misaki: I enjoy harem manga, and this is easily the best I've ever read. Funny, sexy, romantic, and a fabulous ending.

Aishiteruze Baby: Very good slice-of-life family story, where you see the harm of bad parenting but through the eyes of a kid who is trying to figure things out for himself, and then it throws in a very well done shoujo romance.
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29 / M / Canada
Posted 10/3/15 , edited 10/3/15
Chikan Otoko/Molester Man: Largely because the whole thing just has this "real" quality about it (probably a result of it being adapted from real-life events). Shifts in plot and character happen gradually, with subtlety, rather than in one big epiphany moment, and the way the other characters are colored by the protagonist's perception of them makes it easy and natural to identify with the protagonist (something that I rarely do). It's everything I want out of a first-person piece.

Orange: I really like the premise of this one. It mixes two popular formulas in such a way that it comes out feeling fresh and innovative, and does a good job of both telling its story in an entertaining way and avoiding contrived scenarios; everything the characters do feels natural for them while also moving the plot in a nicely paced manner.

Koe no Katachi: I like this one largely because it's not afraid of showing its characters' ugly sides. It's an extremely emotionally-charged story, and it does an excellent job of crafting and maintaining the tense, volatile atmosphere it wants to present. It deals with its subject matter without any punches pulled.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Mystery/supernatural/drama is a winning combination for me, genre-wise. Each arc is well-crafted, with a taste of the fantastic, a core psychological/interpersonal issue, and a clever solution on the part of the protagonists, and despite its largely episodic nature, everything still comes together in a very satisfying way at the end.

Annarasumanara: (This one's technically a manhwa, but close enough, right?) It sticks closely to its thematic content and doesn't get lost in melodrama along the way, and its use of symbolism is very elegant: it's neither too overt nor pretentious. The story is relatively short and simple, but because of that, it conveys its message with a respectable amount of power.

Honourable Mentions: Solanin, Bakuman, Mahoraba, Nozoki Ana, Bonnouji, Can't See Can't Hear but Love, Onanie Master Kurosawa.
Posted 10/3/15 , edited 10/3/15
The Betrayal Knows My Name..Gorgeous art..and a good fantasy story, I can't get enough of it

Great Place High School - Student Council..I love the story, lots of hot hot hot times too, I keep reading the same 4 vols over and over. Please..give me vol 5!

Finder Series ..It's the best yaoi manga out there..Yamane sensei sure knows what a girl's heart wants!

Rasetsu..another good fantasy, supernatural manga. I can read this one over and over.

Bound Beauty..another good fantasy manga, but sadly the English publisher dropped it. Why? And why did no one else pick it up? I have the 3 vols I can read. I was really getting into the story and it was turning into one of my favorites. But I will never know for sure.

I seem to have a knack for picking manga that gets dropped, one reason I am very reluctant to buy/read manga now.
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29 / M / Winnipeg
Posted 10/3/15 , edited 10/3/15
Spoiler Free...

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure -- Timeless heroes, delicious villains, badass everybody. My favourite series of all time.

Medaka Box -- The anime is good...but they failed to reach the full Misogi. And Misogi is to Medaka as Frieza is to Goku.

Shin Sekai Yori -- It was a novel, and it was an anime, and it was an amazing manga. If you liked NIHM, you'll love SSY.
(Which may stand for So Sweet Yo)

Monster Musume -- Breasts. Tails and wings and hides and such.

Hajime no Ippo -- Perhaps the best fight scenes that aren't supernatural. The heart is strong with this one.
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F / ทy૮
Posted 10/3/15
Ouran Koukou Host Club
--Female protagonist is different from other typical shoujos. Best romcom
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
--Great ending. Usui is love. And another great romcom.
--Art is gorgeous. Fantasy/Supernatural/Dark Humor. 80-90's England time period.
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
--The plot is good. Focuses on mystery and crimes, which I find interesting.
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