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hey guys my name is Jason and my channel is DJHellray, i'm a let's player.
i do lots of fps story wise games cause i really love that you get really immersed in it!

i've restarted making videos i think two weeks ago since my 1 year hiatus but back then i didint really take care of my videos like i do now. now i edit my videos and really take care of them plus i got a face cam! my videos may be 20 minutes but they take about 30 to edit and 2 hours to render.

you can also see on my channel i have about 3400 subs but no one watches. my channel died cause i was gone plus most of my subscribers were from some videos i made of shitty animations. so yeah! i restart maybe with 3400 subs but in reality i have about 1000 even they aren't that active so im trying to build up a community now :)

anyway! i decided to restart cause i always loved making videos of video games i loved and other game i'm excited for!

so yeah heres the two latest videos on my channel enjoy!

soma part 3 (video game horror) :

and wolfenstein part 9 :
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op nuked
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