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Post Reply Rokka season 2?
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Posted 4/14/16
As much as I would love for it to happen, chances are just not good. The sales are really bad, and that generally is the leading indicator of whether or not a sequel is coming. About the only thing working in this show's favor is that Passione isn't taking on many projects.
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Posted 4/14/16 , edited 4/14/16
Honestly, I absolutely adore this show and the light novels, I've read everything that has been translated so far. I loved seeing a good chunk of it animated even if they switched up some of the scene's, for the most part if followed the light novel dead on. It's why I liked it.

It's funny because I've seen a lot of people complain, but they are complaining about something that they are normally angry about when it doesn't happen. Honestly, it's like no one is ever pleased. Anime doesn't follow lightnovel/manga/etc let's complain about it! Anime follows light novel/manga/etc let's also complain about that! It's pathetic really.

As much as it pains me to admit though it's very unlikely we'll see a second season. This anime was from a newer company and despite the fact that they did pretty well with it it wasn't well received. The Dvd's have sold poorly and the english translation Dvd's that might have been able to help show that there is interest in the series instead became nothing but Collector's Edition. Makes it very hard for people to support the series even if they liked it. They are more likely to go buy the bootleg copy's off Ebay for 10$ in comparison to the Collector's Dvd's that end up $216 if you buy from ponycanyon directly. This isn't including shipping mind you. However, I can't really blame people for choosing the bootleg copy's over the official with a price difference like that.

Your best bet if you want to know what happens next is to pick up that light novels or read the translation which you can find here:

They currently have up to volume four completely translated and are over halfway through volume five. I will warn you in advance that they are slow to update, but the wait is well worth it if you really like the series.
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