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Posted 10/3/15 , edited 10/3/15
I have been working on and off on developing a conversion for a One Piece RPG based off Fantasy Flight Games narrative roleplaying dice system used with Star Wars Age of Rebellion. I have been play testing it with different groups for a couple of months now in and around the Belfast Area privately and feedback has been very positive. The main thing the players seem to like is the freedom over a d20 system with the narrative dice mechanic, as well as the way devil fruits work.

So far i have completed the core rules for the following:

5 Player Races to choose from:
- Human
- Cyborg
- Fishman
- Sky People (rules for 3 variants Skypien, Shandian, Birkan)
- Long Arm Tribe

6 Careers to pick from, with at least 2 Specialisation trees each (specialisations will be in brackets next to the career):
- Brawler (Captain & Guardian)
- Swordsman (Samurai & Fencer)
- Marksman (Pistol Slinger & Sniper)
- Specialist (Doctor, Musician & Chef)
- Rogue (Navigator & Thief)
- Handyman (Shipwright & Scientist)

Devil fruit rules:
- Rules for what happens when you eat one.
- Paramecia, Zoan & Logia type construction rules. Including talent trees
- Random devil fruit generator and loot tables which contain the following:
• 153 Paramecia types
• 108 Zoan types
• 34 Logia types
• 9 Ancient Zoan types
• 13 Mythical Zoan types

Dream, Threat and Bounty system developed from the age of rebellion duty system. This all takes account of the characters actions throughout a campaign and determines the relevant Bounty.

Rules for the 3 types of Haki.

Full rules for Ship and ship combat as well as modifying a ship.

I am just curious has anyone else played any One Piece Tabletop RPG's that don't use a d20 system?
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Posted 11/10/15 , edited 11/10/15
I haven't played it but I perused the rules and it looked pretty bad.

Edit: Misread the OP. I'm a bit confused what dice system are you using exactly? I'm only passingly familiar with the FFG dice. That's the ones with the detrimental dice and all that right?

Have you thought about using a Mutants and Masterminds type character generation?
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Posted 1/15/17
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