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Posted 10/10/15

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Name: Hitomi Kanagaki
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Weapon: Katana
Secondary Weapons: Kunai Knife
Species: Human
Power: Extreme Agility
Personality: Hitomi is shrouded in hatred and fear, but with her dad she is extremely shy and nice. She want's to help her father reclaim their family pride.
Bio: Hitomi was born 3 years before the village was destroyed. She was born she was slightly underweight and was basically the ideal baby. But when she was growing up she showed extreme speed. She was just 3 years old when a Fallen Angel appeared and started destroying the village. She saw her mother turn into a mindless zombie which lit a torch and started burning the houses one by one. Her father came and picked her up and ran away and was leaving trails of tears. As she grew up she trained with hatred and was extremely deadly to anyone, but does not remember the day well.
Posted 10/10/15

Posted 10/12/15 , edited 10/12/15
Name: Fear
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Weapon: Gloves
Secondary Weapons: Flaming Gloves
Species: Human
Power: Regeneration
Personality: Fear is cold, and unfeeling, he lives a life as the king of demons, despite him being a human. He can be arrogant, but still act intelligent.
Bio: ???
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Name: Ame Kure
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Weapon: Scythe
Secondary Weapons: Fighting bare handed
Species: Demon
Power: Ability to send mirages and her voice to others minds
Personality: Can be mean when she is pushed, straightforward, sarcastic
Bio: For a demon Ame is pretty calm. She doesn't fight unless she gets bored, and sometimes that's rare. Ame was abandoned, but she doesn't really care, she doesn't think about the past. She taught herself how to fight when some people would pick them on her. She can be sarcastic if you give her reason. She doesn't mind making friends or talking to other people, she's not like most demons who are evil, or never talk to other species. She doesn't reveal things that she doesn't want to, she can be nice to anyone. She's brutal in battle when she gets angry, and she can be evil when people push her to be so.

(( I know the power is similar to Kurami's, but I didn't really get to use it with her. ))
Posted 10/13/15

Sorry this is late, approved
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