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Posted 10/3/15 , edited 10/3/15
Isnt time for Crunchyroll to rebuid their website / its just one problem after another !

One thing too heavy of a load withe drama / anime split /

I came for the anime / the forums / manga / a good news updates Maybe it;s time to split out the drama

Defintelty needs better streaming / servers !

But just the website is just so glitchy ! If Funimation did it so can CR !

When I first signed up in 2011 the site worked great / but the addition of the APPS semm to change the performance of the WEBSITE !

This has been going on for a good two yeats now and after the DOS mess in DEC / then the queue other problems for the summer

Now Fall the error page is just terrible / I cant even watch shows right now because of the maintenance going on!

I wnat to watch anime legally but a lot of times watch elsewhere / CR - anime are still getting my $$ though !

Heck I even had the site in German last nite I know it's Octoberfest but please not the website ( A joke )

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Posted 10/4/15 , edited 10/5/15
Actually I wish they would add more Dramas I want Crunchyroll to be my number one site for Japan/Korean content and that is why I am paying them.
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Posted 10/4/15 , edited 10/5/15
I've basically been told to shut up and not speculate on how CR is run, but I hope I can at least offer a perspective from my own workplace.

We're constantly told how much we're valued, how much our feedback means, etc... but we're paid at a rate that's considerably lower than the rest of the industry, and we're forced to follow policy rather than seek solutions - even when the policy is blatantly counterintuitive (polite-speak for "dumb as #$%@" ) to anyone who cares.

The former makes it extremely difficult to hire qualified or even eager-to-learn candidates and leads to slow attrition; the latter leads to noticeably more attrition. The burden of being understaffed leads to more attrition yet, because it's stressful to come in every day to massive problems caused by this (not to mention being blamed for errors that are inevitable when every job is last-minute rush-rush-rush - which, in addition to policy, keeps us from aggressively finding/fixing them).

I genuinely have no idea what sort of work environment CR is, but I can't imagine it's improved since the buyout two years ago (given the way customer service has gone to pot and failures are aggressively ignored). I also genuinely have no idea how much CR pays engineers and/or how many have been shifted away from anime to accommodate the priorities of the new owner (who originally wanted Hulu, and openly spoke of using CR as an anchor to break into other genres). But I think it's unlikely either has led to positive developments, given the number of outstanding failures and MilesExpress999's assertion that engineers have to work late into the night to fix even basic failures.

I think FLjerry2011 is on the right track, but I don't know if it's the website per se. I suspect that what's missing is the willingness to spend money on keeping the website we already have from going further downhill, and maybe even rebuild to the point that CR can be a byword for quality and caring customer service again instead of the opposite.

Spending money on more/better equipment, or on paying well enough to attract decent candidates, seems to be anathema to corporate culture in general. And yes, that money has to come from somewhere. But the solution is relatively obvious. $7 a month would be a ridiculously good bargain if it gave us access to a vast library of legal anime/manga that supports the creators, and is actually watchable/readable. $9 would be more than fair.

I'm sure there will be some (magnified by how loud they'll be) who would find a $2 increase to be intolerable. But the vast majority of us would be thrilled if it leads to CR being functional and responsive again. $9 a month for great service beats $7 a month for crappy service any day.
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