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Posted 10/4/15 , edited 2/4/17
Would it take a lot of effort to include 1.5x or 2x speed playback feature for watching anime/dramas, similar to the one present on YouTube? This way, people can save valuable time in boring parts of shows, or just save time in general. It'd be good for students and other people who find they are spending too much time watching anime.

Let's assume a typical episode of anime is 23 minutes long. If that episode were to be played at 1.5x speed, then the time spent watching the episode would be 15.33 minutes – that's almost 8 minutes saved!

Think of all the guilt that you feel after spending a whole 23 minutes watching your favorite anime instead of doing that project due at midnight. But if you had the 2x playback feature on – BAM! You just saved yourself from HALF of those negative feelings.

The positives greatly outweigh the negatives. Crunchyroll Staff, please make our dreams come true!
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Posted 10/11/15 , edited 17 days ago
This would probably a bit difficult for Crunchyroll staff to do. The captions that you have in videos are not an actual part of the video, but rather an entirely separate thing. It might be a bit hard on the viewers, too. If there were things like a quick caption explaining what a Japanese character in the background of the anime would be difficult to read. Lastly, if people wanted to save time watching anime, isn't that what 7 minute animes, like "My Wife is the Student Council President" or "Seki-kun, The Master of Killing Time", are for! :3
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