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Posted 10/4/15 , edited 10/4/15
So as the title suggests, I would really like to own a blu-ray copy of Nichijou: my ordinary life, and the only way to do that is through getting it from Japan (unfortunately). Now of course there is the Malasian bootleg that can be purchased on ebay for cheap (i have it) but the subtitles and translation are spotty at best, plus the video quality is subpar.

Anyhow, is anyone knowledgeable about putting subtitles onto blu-rays and can it be done where I can download subtitles and add them to each episode on the disks?

I tried doing a google search as well as searching these forums, but came up with nothing useful. Thanks for any tips!
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Posted 10/4/15
If you don't mind a DVD from region 4, I purchased my copy (with English subs) from Madman Australia.
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Posted 10/5/15
Try getting Aegisub and download a TL script that works best for you.

I haven't tried that myself, so I have no idea if that works or not.
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