Looking for a Skilled Photoshopper
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Posted 10/4/15 , edited 10/5/15
I'm looking for someone to help me out with my art gallery. I have scans of cels (those are pieces of plastic that were put under the camera to make anime prior to CG) and some sketch sets with multiple layers that I would like animated.

Since your time is valuable too, I do pay (through PayPal) per image, usually $5 per finished scan and $10 for completed gif (more of its complicated or large). There is not an excessive amount of work and I don't expect same day service.

Please send me a PM if interested.
Posted 10/5/15 , edited 10/5/15
You don't need photoshop even I learned how to make gifs through free programmes
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Posted 10/6/15 , edited 10/6/15
If you're looking to do simple gifs from a series of still images, use GIMP. The process isn't...too pretty in GIMP compared to photoshop but it's really simple and the results are overall the same.
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