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Posted 10/5/15 , edited 10/5/15
I think that having a partial Pay function for any preorders would be a great function for all the user in the site. As most of you know some things that are for pre order are alot of money, so I think a partial pay function would work for those that can't pay full total up front.

Lets take for example- New Arhan GSA Expelled from Paradise mech figure cost $257.99 (or $237.99 for members but i will use the full price in the example) that will be coming out in some time in July 2016, now some would not be able to buy this unless they save up just for this. With a partial pay function you can put in a little money every now and then. If you want $10 a week will let you get the item paid in full in about 6 months (depend on tax), now if you put more than 10 in one week that would shorten the time to complete the order, $20/w = 4 months, 30/w = 2 months. Of course you will need to get the item paid in a certain due date and if you change your mind you can cancel the pre order and get the money back or transfer it to another item, be it a pre order, an item on sale, or membership status.
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Posted 10/6/15 , edited 10/7/15
Just save up the money and order it the next time it goes on sale. Or cheaper around Christmas maybe.
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