Changed Perception
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Posted 10/5/15
I've started watching anime on my breaks during work for about 4 months now so I can say that I'm slightly not a stranger to the whole concept. I've also been browsing some of the forums here in Crunchyroll and I've noticed that there seems to be a pattern of the "What anime would you want to visit / live in?" type of threads. I say bullocks to that. My question would be if you had a choice to change how all things are seen from reality to drawn, what company would you choose? Remember, these are your eyes and so your choice is permanent. It's just a curiosity more than anything else because I know a lot of you have been watching this stuff much MUCH longer than I have. Now if you will excuse me, my computer is dusty and I need to go clean it out. Thanks!
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Posted 10/5/15
I would be an african swallow, so I could carry coconuts.
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