Negative Photo Count
Posted 10/5/15 , edited 10/6/15
I recently deleted a photo album on my profile and was wondering why I have a negative photo count. It says I have -1 photos, when I don't even have anything there. Is this fixable. Sorry if this sounds all unorganized and jumbled.
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Posted 10/6/15 , edited 10/6/15
Is it fixed now?
Posted 10/6/15 , edited 10/7/15
No, it's not. Is it some kind of glitch?
Posted 10/7/15 , edited 10/8/15

shinryou wrote:

Is it fixed now?

No it's not fixed.
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Posted 6/25/17 , edited 6/26/17
Oh, cuz it is not a photo-hosting, use Instagram to upload photos. If you don't want to face the ghosts then you can get and you will have your own profile on a popular photo social media.
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Posted 6/26/17 , edited 6/26/17
Guess the OP nuked (and someone brought it up), so closed
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