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Do you think schools care too much about exams?
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Posted 10/6/15 , edited 10/7/15
I personally feel they do care too much about them. For example, someone who is able to read and write Spanish but has horrible pronunciation when speaking it. Put them in a situation where he/she must speak it, they won't be able to communicate what they want to say very well. Which is the very foundation of any language, communication. Thus, the exam proved very little whether they got a high or low grade because they cannot use the language effectively.
Posted 10/6/15 , edited 10/7/15
For what you're describing with Spanish, I think the exam should cover the speaking portion in addition to reading/writing, rather that scrap the exam all together.

If the learner only ever wants to read/write Spanish, then no big deal. If they plan to move or visit a Spanish speaking country and try to communicate, then very big deal

As for exams in general, I feel they are necessary in order to gauge whether you know the material. Since each school probably has different policies on exams, I can't really answer generally.

If you're talking about state-wide standardized tests, then yes they care too much in my opinion.
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