How do I talk to people if they're not at a convention?
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Posted 10/7/15 , edited 10/7/15
Hey Everybody!

I have a peculiar problem where I get uneasy talk to people for the first time.

But that's not all, when it comes to conventions I can talk to anyone I like to and don't feel as uneasy. I seriously don't know what causes this, whether it's because I know what everyone is into, or if it's just nerves or what?

Does anyone have this problem? AM I the only one? Can someone explain what is going on?

I'm starting University and still have troubles talking to people!

Have I unintentionally become Hachiman Hikigaya?

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Posted 10/7/15 , edited 10/7/15

It hard to say. It could be one problem, or, another. Only one person would truly know and understand this problem at hand. And that should be you. Sure, you can say someone else could also understand. But, their problems could be same but also different into two different aspects. You understand?

If you know somebodies interest. It may become easier to chat with them, or, to even say a 'hello'. Than to another who you know nothing about.

My opinion?
Don't worry about how you'll be judged. Because either way. People will judge you by anything, and, any means; if you talk, and if you don't. It's a very cruel world which we live. But, to last and endure it makes us stronger.
Be friend them by any means. Sure, you might not have same interest or ideal thoughts about something. But, that alone can trigger a longer conversation than staying quiet.

I don't usually ever be silent, if I am. I am either piss right off, or. I'm deep into thought about something. Only two reasons why I wouldn't talk to someone.
I'm rather a talkive guy! I try and have conversations with almost anyone and everyone. The problem for me. Would only be the conversation cannot last, or! They are too silent and don't know what to reply with, or, don't want to talk. And those people always makes me think wrongly of them. Simply makes me think 'Whats their problem?". And I shouldn't. Before I give that as an actual statement. I must add something else too! IT depends how they react with both action and mentality. Then, I judge. I can't help but judge because it pretty much instinct too. So, sorry.

P.S. I ain't judging you. Just, trying to give a helping hand with advice and different aspects of to how and why. Thanks for understanding!
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Posted 10/7/15 , edited 10/7/15
Looks like this is a dupe of /forumtopic-922027/how-do-i-talk-to-people-if-theyre-not-at-a-convention, but please feel free to contribute over there if you find this by accident!
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