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Posted 10/7/15 , edited 10/7/15
To be honest, when I started using Crunchyroll, it was primarily because I loved the Wii U application. My queue was the first thing I saw, it worked well, never any issues with the interface; basically a well oiled machine.

Since the last major update, though, the player has been so much worse. I miss having my queue as the first thing that pops up (seriously, why isn't this an option in ANY of the versions of the app??) and recently, it's been stopping my episodes right in the middle and counting down to the next episode like it does normally at the end of the episode. As far as I can tell, it's nothing I've done; it happens randomly episode to episode or sometimes not at all, and it's not at the same timecode when it does happen.

I miss the old version of the app.
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