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Posted 10/7/15
I have no recollection of the name but I will try to be descriptive about this.

So, a long time ago, before Crunchyroll started doing the premium. There was a fun game, where you create your character boy or girl, and you attack and level up. I don't quite recall how it looks exactly.

It was a fun game but an odd one at that.

X = X
So, the first x is one oponent and the = is like buttons to display whether you want to attack, leave, skills (?), and the second x is the oponent you're fighting with.

I'll be using shinji's old avatar for an example because it really looks like it.

I have no idea if anyone or staff even remembers this, but it was fun until it got somehow removed.
Posted 10/7/15 , edited 10/7/15
Crunchyland. A weird one that was.
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Posted 10/7/15
Quoting Dr. McCoy: "It's dead, Jim..."

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