Forgotten childhood movie
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Posted 10/7/15
When I was a kid in the 80s I remember watching an anime movie and really liked it. Now as an adult I can't remember anything about it save one scene. The scene was a young girl (who I assume was royalty) in a snowy forest with guards searching for someone/something for what ever reason. A guard gives her his coat because she was cold. She asked him if he'd get cold.

Since he and his fellow guards had been shoveling snow he was staying warm. So she decides to shovel snow as well to warm up. And that's all I can remember. If anyone recalls something this help me remember it!
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Posted 10/8/15 , edited 10/8/15
Sorry I don't know this movie.
But if you get no answers here you could ask the question on this thread on HB. They rarely don't manage to answer the series you're looking for.
Posted 10/8/15
Would this help?
Posted 10/8/15 , edited 10/8/15
I think it was called "Princess snow shoveller".
It's about a highschool girl that transforms into a part time snow shoveller that happens to be a princess.
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Posted 1/23/17
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